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Strong Bad blows up the Compy

I watch the cartoons at Homestar Runner a lot. Corny humor but cool. I think my favorite part about the site is the fact that the writers love to write about yester-year technology - a lot. You'll see tons of stuff about really OLD computers and video games (like Thy Dungeonman and Peasant's Quest). I think that's cool because I -REMEMBER- playing old crappy games like that (ha!). The games there are all playable too. Neat.

Strong Bad has been using the Compy 386 since his old Tandy blew up (literally). And he just blew up the Compy recently.

It gets me to thinkin'... could someone actually write e-mails using a 386 computer with just MS-DOS? I mean, how would you even get MS-DOS to connect to the internet in the first place? Yeah, I know you can get an IP address using the MSCLIENT for DOS.. but is there any 16-bit app available that would actually send and receive e-mails?

This got me to more thinkin'.. I had to find out.

Answer: YES. The BareBones DOS E-Mail System. I couldn't believe it when I saw this. Electronic mail from DOS. Unbelievable. Who'da thunk it.

It just goes to prove that if you have the Arachne DOS based graphic web browser or the DOS based version of Lynx text browser combined with the DOS mail program.. you feasibly could use a 386 computer to browse the web and send/receive e-mail.

And to think.. a computer like that is literally 15 bucks at a garage sale - monitor and all. You get a 386, floppy drive (probably 5.25!!) then you'd have to pick up a super-old 3com 10mbit ethernet card or a really old external modem for another 3 or 4 bucks. The computer would probably have a 20-MB (not GB) hard drive or less and no sound card.

Makes me almost want to run out and do it.

Nah. (grin)

But.. you'd probably never ever get a virus. Who in their right mind would program a virus to destroy a 386? What would be the point? (grin)


This is how this site looks using Lynx. And yes there are web site visitors who come to this blog and use that amazingly enough. 🙂

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