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There's still a need for the Tascam DP-006


There is a good reason Tascam still makes this.

I prefer the ZOOM R8 for multitrack recording duties, but then there's the Tascam DP-006. It is less in price, but why would anybody bother with a 6-track recorder?

Answer: The DP-006 is where you get the most for the least in the smallest form factor. It is the best "sketch pad" recorder you can have.

The DP-006 is small. Two 1/4" inputs and built-in condenser high-quality microphones for mono or stereo recording of voice, acoustic guitar or other acoustic instrument. Fairly easy to figure out.

And when I say small, I'm not kidding. 6.1" x 1.6" x 4.2" (155mm x 41.5mm x 107mm).

The tradeoff to the size is that there are no physical fader controls, although there is complete control of levels through the menus. It wouldn't be much of a recorder if you couldn't do that.

It is easier to record with the DP-006 instead of a smartphone because of the dual 1/4" inputs and dual microphones. Everything you need for quick multitrack sketch recording is at-the-ready with the DP-006.

Also, the DP-006 can run on just 4 plain alkaline batteries for up to 8 hours. That's pretty darned good. And since few people record for 8 hours straight, you'll get some good life out of the batteries you put in it.

To give you an example of how easy it is to sketch record with this, you could sit on your bed with nothing more than an acoustic guitar, a set of headphones and the DP-006 and just start recording. After that, you can mix and master, still just sitting right there where you are.

Granted, the ZOOM R8 can also do this, but it's not as compact as the DP-006.

It's just nice to have a DP-006. And if you absolutely need 8 tracks, Tascam also still makes the DP-008EX. Slightly larger, but also a significant bump up in price.

The low price and compact size is what makes the DP-006 such a winner for quick sketch recording.

I would own one myself if I didn't already own the ZOOM R8.

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