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The guitars I still want that I haven't owned yet


I have a to-do list of guitars I still want to own, and this is what I want.

Up to this point in my guitar playing life, I've owned most of the famous guitar shapes. Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, Jaguar, Les Paul, Rhoads style V (with short fin on the bottom), and even a Warlock at one point (not a B.C. Rich but still a "true" Warlock style).

What's left on my to-do list are the other Gibson shapes.

One of them is pictured above, the SG. Yes, it's a "1961" Epiphone G-400 PRO. When I say "Gibson shape", the guitar doesn't have to be made by Gibson. I'm fine with Epiphone or other guitar company that can make a close approximation without being an outright ripoff.

The closest I ever was to an SG style guitar was the Ibanez GAX30 and AX120 that I previously owned. Decent enough guitars but the neck did not agree with my fret hand at all, so I had to part with them.

And before continuing, the #1 reason why I've not owned more Gibson shape guitars is because of the neck. Epiphone, much like Squier, just loves putting skinny flat necks on their guitars that feel totally wrong.

However, every so often, Epiphone does sneak out a thick-necked model. But you really have to hunt for them because their web site tells you next to nothing about neck thickness. The only way to find one is to go to a guitar store, pick one up, try it and see how the thickness feels.

I'm almost at the point where I may bring along a vernier caliper whenever I go to the guitar store just so I can measure neck thickness right on the spot.

Let's get on to the other shapes.

I've already mentioned the first one, the SG.

Second on the list is the Explorer. At the time I write this, there is one and only one Epiphone "1958" Korina Explorer in Ebony on Amazon. Gorgeous. And expensive. But what a looker. Love it. It's one of the few instances where I'm totally okay with the gold hardware because it just looks so nice against the black with white guard.

Third on the list is the ES-335. I've played the smaller Les-Paul-sized ES-339, but didn't really care for it. I'd like to at least try an ES-335 "full size" just to see how it feels.

Where the ES-335 semi-hollow body is concerned, it doesn't necessary have to be an Epiphone. I can get a semi-hollow ES-335-ish looking guitar for literally under 200 bucks new, so it may very well be this will be the one I go with first since there is the most choice.

Most other guitar companies don't do SG shapes aside from Epiphone, and a proper Explorer is a tough one to get. I've never seen a proper Explorer for a decent price. But the ES-335 shape? Easy to get. And cheap.

That being said, there may be an ES-335 type guitar in the barn this year. Watch for it.

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