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Travel guitars are stupid

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light  Acoustic-Electric Travel Guitar with Gig Bag

There are some guitar designs that are just plain stupid. The travel guitar is one of them.

Above is a Traveler Guitar. Even though it doesn't cost all that much, it's still too expensive for what it is.

The Traveler is simply a dumb guitar design. It looks ugly. Playable it may be, and yes it is an acoustic-electric so it can be plugged in, but why would anyone buy one when you could get this instead:

Yamaha GL1 Mini 6-String Nylon Guitalele Tobacco Sunburst

...for a third of the price of the Traveler.

The above is a Yamaha GL1 6-string ukulele/guitalele. Very small, very easy to play, very lightweight, and even in small size, it looks like a proper guitar.

If I were taking a travel guitar along with me, I'd take the Yamaha over the Traveler any day. As far as travel guitars go, this one is just so much better and you get so much more for the money.

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