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Unapologetic: Jackson X Series Soloist in Multi-Color Camo


This guitar is so loud in appearance that it screams even standing still.

Back in the early '90s when I was in college, I met another guy who played guitar. He was big (as in overweight) and very plain looking. But this guy absolutely loved "neon" color Ibanez electric guitars thought that was The Best Guitar On Earth.

Said again, this was back in the '90s when "loud" looking guitars were extremely out-of-fashion where most wouldn't want to be caught dead with one. However, that guy, somebody who if you saw him playing a loud-color guitar you would say, "Dude, why are you playing that ridiculous thing? Seriously?" Guys like that are who the Jackson Soloist in Multi-Color Camo are made for.

This guitar isn't just multi-color camo on the body. Oh, no. The camo is all over the front and yes, also on the headstock:


To be honest, if Jackson didn't match the headstock, I would have accused them of copping out and not going all the way with this. But they went all the way, and I applaud them for it.

Guitars with this type of appearance are for players who know exactly the type of look they're going for. And that look can be summed up in one word, "mine".

Absolutely nobody will have a guitar that looks like yours should you get this particular Soloist, and that's the whole point. You will be known as that dude with the crazy looking guitar. It becomes part of your identity because it has such a brash and in-your-face look.

What's the specs? It's a Jackson Soloist. Speed neck, ballsy dual humbuckers, Floyd-Rose tremolo. That's all you need to know.

If the look grabs you, then you grab it and play happy.

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