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Was the music of Eric Clapton any good in the 1980s?

1980s era Eric Clapton music gets kind of a bad reputation because many say that the 80s was when he released his worst music.

Well, I disagree with that. Clapton did in fact release some good stuff during the 1980s decade, it sold well for the most part and the fact of the matter is that the hit songs he had back then weren't "bad" at all.

Yeah, I will admit that you do hear a lot of synthesizer stuff from 80s Clapton, but bear in mind everyone was doing that at the time. Synths were huge in the 80s, having replaced the rock organs of the 70s. That was "the sound" back then, and at the time it was new and fresh, so you heard it a lot.

Clapton was very busy in the 1980s and the guy's music was everywhere. It was even in the movie Back to the Future from 1985 with the song Heaven is One Step Away; you can hear this on the Back to the Future Soundtrack CD.

In the 1980s, Clapton released five albums (I told you the guy was busy!), Another Ticket, Money and Cigarettes, Behind the Sun, August and Journeyman. The worst of the 5 was Money and Cigarettes, as it didn't even go silver, never mind gold. The best of the 5 is Journeyman.

I'm not saying all of Clapton's stuff during the 80s was great, but there were several great songs he released during that time. Songs like Forever Man (seen above), It's in the Way That You Use It, Pretending, and so on. That's all good stuff.


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