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what your email address says about you

When I see things like this, I sometimes wonder what type of image I'm projecting by using a Yahoo! Mail address. Bear in mind I'm in communication with the geeky sort more than others, so they do take notice.

I'm guessing the first reaction is something like, "Oh geez, a Yahoo user..", followed by "Wow, that email address is short." The shortness of my Y! address alone is actually pretty darned geeky because the lack of length alone immediately says I've had that email address a long, long time. And they're right - it's a 13-year-old email address.

The typical stigmas attached to specific emails don't hold much weight with me. I know Linux users who use Hotmail, non-Apple users with addresses, mail users who don't forward everything under the sun to you, and so on.

I will tell you the addresses I fear the most: ISP email addresses.

Email addresses of this type are usually ridiculously long and have at least two dots in them. For example, the ones for my local ISP are AT&T has ones ending in Sometimes you'll encounter other ISP addresses ending in dot-net, like or whatever. A lot of these are seriously old-school craptastic ISPs. If you take the last part of the address and load it in the browser, you're usually treated to some ISP that's barely above mom-and-pop level. The horror.

When I see an ISP email address on an incoming email, I tread carefully because I do encounter the most nonsense with these. One time some guy emailed me from one asking me questions about Buicks, I replied in kind only to have an automated message immediately spit back at me saying something to the effect of, "To prove you are you, click this link so I can add you." Nope, and screw you. Deleted.

It's also common in my experience that those using ISP addresses get really snippy very easily even with no provocation on my part. That's because he or she is an old crusty user using an old crusty computer on an old crusty ISP. All three of those things put together is a bad combo. I know people well older than I but at least they use modern computers with modern ISPs. It's the ones that are old, computer is old and ISP is old that make me say, "Oh, crap. Not another one of these.."

Receiving mails from,,,, and so on don't bother me. But if I see COOLGUY33@some.crappy.isp, that's when I peg you as a noob. 🙂

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