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***Secret FSR Fender guitars? Yes, they exist, and they're right here

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When new is cheaper than used for a project guitar


If you want the lowest possible price for a project guitar, this is it.

Sixty bucks. That's how much the above kit is, and I'm sure that price won't last, so be sure to check out the other cheap guitar kits available. You'll see Strat shapes, Tele shapes, Flying V, Les Paul, Explorer, and there's even a Jazzmaster-Tele thing (same as the Squier Paranormal Offset Telecaster, more or less).

The crazy thing these days is that it's literally not possible to find cheap used guitars for what the new cheap guitar kits sell for - even when you account for tax and shipping. If you want the absolute no-question-about-it lowest price for a project guitar, you have to get a kit.

Are these guitars any good? That actually depends on you.

Putting a guitar together from a kit does require basic woodworking skills, possibly some tools if you don't have any (yes, there are low priced kits for that too), and maybe some basic finishing skills. And by finishing I mean painting - although you could just wing it...

...and for something this cheap, yeah, I'd argue you should wing it and just give it a go, because why not.

Art guitars are cool, but again I wanted to put something there for those that truly want a clean slate for experimentation.

What's the best part about a kit like this (other than price) compared to a used guitar? Easy answer. You don't have to sand off the old finish first, which can be very tedious, especially near the neck pocket. This means you can get to your art experimentation much quicker.

It is crazy you can build a complete new working electric guitar for just 60 bucks. But even if you spend a little more for one of the other kits, it's still the best deal going.

Published 2023 Nov 9

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