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winged gremlin spotted


After I picked up my new betta fish today I spotted an AMC Gremlin on the way back, pictured above.

Note the huge wing, lifted suspension, dual exhaust and add-on tail lamps (yes those are additional lamps and not reflectors) under the bumper. The high-mount third tail lamp (also an add-on) didn't work.

I tried to get a photo of the side of the car but couldn't unfortunately.

I posted this photo for the following reasons:

  1. It's very rare to see a Gremlin on the road today (and you'd probably only see them in places like where I live in Tampa Florida due to the fact they rusted off their frames years ago in the north.)
  2. Anyone who dares drive one really really likes them.
  3. Anyone who dares drive one endures the ridicule of other car guys that know what this car is.
  4. I give a hearty salute to anyone willing to drive a car so decidedly "uncool" (i.e. you gotta have a big set of balls to drive a Gremlin.)

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