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10 rock songs that turn 25 years old in 2019

1. Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song

Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song single

Hear a clip

One of the best rock songs ever written, no question about it.

A friend of mine called me on the phone one day (back when people actually used phones to talk) and said that I had to come over to his house and listen to this new song because it sounded like Led Zeppelin. I said okay, sure, and went to his place to check it out.

And oh yeah, I liked it. Loved it, in fact. And still do.

Interstate Love Song is a perfectly crafted song beginning to end. Nothing about it is bad. All instruments are perfectly mixed. I love the fact that there is NO GUITAR SOLO in it. I also love the fact this song escapes being labeled as "grunge", because it's just that damned good.

Another thing I seriously dig is that the guitars are scaled back, the bass and drums have serious punch to them and the vocals recorded dry. It's like I said, absolutely nothing about the song is bad.

This is may very well be the best rock song the '90s ever produced.

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