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20 things i've never done

This is not one of those "list of things to do before I die" type of things, because some of the stuff below I have no interest in doing; see if you can guess which.

  1. Water-skied
  2. Gone bungee jumping
  3. Watched Wayne's World in its entirety (I've only seen clips)
  4. Learned a polka song
  5. Used rollerblades (roller skates, yes, rollerblades, no)
  6. Piloted an aircraft of any kind
  7. Ridden a unicycle
  8. Played a ukulele
  9. Read War & Peace
  10. Owned a house
  11. Visited anywhere outside of the United States
  12. Learned how to say "Where is the bathroom?" in 5 different languages
  13. Ridden a motorcycle
  14. Went camping (to the best of my knowledge, I've never done it)
  15. Bought a comic book
  16. Wrote a feature-length screenplay
  17. Gone skydiving
  18. Rode on a public bus
  19. Dated a scientist
  20. Drank whiskey

I actually had to really think hard to come up with 20 things I've never done that weren't outright ridiculous.

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