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whirrrr-rr-rrr.. CLICK! CLICK!

The title of this entry is the sound a hard drive makes when it's thinking about or about to croak.


I use a laptop exclusively now, but my previous big box had two hard drives in it. One is a Maxtor 160GB and the other a Hitachi Deskstar 120GB. I don't remember why I have two.. just kinda happened that way I s'pose.

Anyway, I permanently retired the big box in favor of using a USB caddy which houses the 160GB drive that is plugged into my laptop via (duh) USB. It's been humming along like a champ for a while now. About a week ago the drive started doing that whirr-r-rr CLICK whirrr-rr-rr CLICK noise and it's been getting steadily worse.

Oh.. CRAP I said to myself.

I can still read all the drive data, but the drive may die as soon as tomorrow.

So I popped the 120GB out of the big box (it was still sitting in the case) and as I'm typing this I'm transferring data to the laptop, then unplugging the 160GB, popping in the 120GB and transferring to that.

You're probably wondering Why don't you just burn to CD or DVD?

Well, that would be all well and good, however I have 100 gigabytes of data to move that would require almost twenty-two DVD's which would take forever move that way.. so I'm doing the plug-in/plug-out method until I get all the data moved to the 120GB.

The biggest data that I'm moving are ISO's, audio files and movie files - all of which are frickin' huge. Games I've backed up, audio sessions I've done, video projects and so on. All of that just takes up a boatload of space.

This is kind of funny because I remember back in 1995 that every single app I would ever want or need would fit on two CD's. Two CD's can hold a full install of Windows 95, Office 97 and many many other apps for the time. Of course, you have to remember that tons of people were still using floppy disks in 1995 also, and burning anything to compact disc was a big deal.

What's also funny is that a 400GB (not a misprint) SATA is only $130.00. Eventually I'm going to have to spring for one. I say "only $130" becuase not so long ago drives less than half this size were selling for $250.00. Oh how the times have changed. Don't get me wrong, this is good, but sheesh.. I remember when the 1GB drives were first introduced to market. Who would need anything more than that? Right? 🙂

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but i don't listen to her 'cause my head is like a sieve

Title of this entry comes from a song by two guys who made some really good comedy albums and movies.



I'm fairly certain there will be more than a few people moving out of the apartment complex I'm living in relatively soon. I'll get to that in a moment.

When I first moved into my apartment, I was told in no uncertain terms that if you were so much as one day late with your rent, you would be billed an extra $200.00 late fee - so I always pay my rent five days before the first of the month (which is when it's always due).

Evidently I'm one of the few people who actually pays my rent on time. Last week a paper notice was stuck in my door that said something to the effect of Okay idiots.. we've let some of you be late with the rent, but now either pay up on time or be socked with the $200.00 late fee. The choice is yours. Don't be a moron. Pay your frickin' rent.

Obviously it didn't state it like that, but you get the idea.

Doesn't apply to me because I pay my rent on time. Actually I usually pay it early.

So... if I see some new tenants around these parts, I'll know exactly why. 🙂


New faces

Not that anyone cares but I changed the rank images on the forum. They now show a profile of yours truly. 🙂 I had some isometric box images before but those were kinda blah. The ones I have now I like much better.


Brent Simon stuff

Yesterday I received the Seven of Nine DVD containing all the recording sessions which I will use to perform some post production work. A few songs need just a lil' bit of tweaking here and there.

As far as when this will be released, I don't even know that yet. Jeff is handling that and when I have further information I will be sure to post it here.

Jedi Knight (Dark Forces II) Gameplay

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II was a video game released in 1997.

Although I'm not certain about this, I think I was the first on YouTube to post video gameplay on this particular game. Maybe.

This is one of those games that scores as an "Okay, but not spectacular". TIE Fighter was spectacular, but this one not so much.

Where it shines is in the fact that:

  1. It has actual Star Wars recorded theatrical music in some parts.
  2. You can use a lightsaber later on in the game. It's cheesy but it's there.
  3. You truly do get a feel of a big universe when playing.
  4. The textures are well done.

Where it sucks is:

  1. There are many points in the game, as shown above, where there is no sound other than gameplay. This gets boring after a while.
  2. It's too easy to get lost on the larger maps.
  3. The secret areas, while fun to find, don't really give you much. Maybe you'll get full heath or a bacta tank but not much else.
  4. Very repetitive.
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