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where's bob?

Some of you out there are aware of the troubles I've had with fish. Well, I got home this morning, and Bob V is gone. No, I don't mean dead. I mean gone, as in the fish bowl is empty. I thought he might have jumped outside the bowl to his doom, but his little fishie carcass is nowhere to be found.

Very, very strange.

The first thing I can think of is that before I left, I was due for an apartment inspection (happens from time to time), and it's possible although unlikely that the inspector person came in, saw the dead fish in the bowl, took the net and flushed him on my behalf. But if that happened, they probably would have at least left a note. And as I said, it's extremely unlikely any of that happened.

The second thing I thought of is that a gecko might have found his way in my apartment and ate Bob. Even though Bob is (or rather, was) way too big to be eaten by a small gecko, it's a possibility.

So.. Bob is gone. Where? I have no idea.


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Sometimes two days can seem like two weeks.

Although Pop (see last post) is about a million percent better compared to Friday (I spoke with him a lil' while ago on the phone - he really does sound a lot better), the last forty-eight hours just seemed to stretch on and on.

Very early tomorrow I will be delivering my sister to the airport. Pop will be staying in the hospital for a while longer. Things will need to be planned in order to take care of him, because he's been given doctor's orders not to drive for six months.

My Sunday will be spent doing a re-work on a "webmercial" for my boss, doing some musical stuff and some writing. Not much else.

Life will go back to normal soon enough. Well.. normal for me. (grin)


Yesterday, my sister reported her car wasn't ready (long story, I'll write about that later) and asked if I would come up to Inverness at Pop's place so I take her to the airport in Tampa. I told her it wouldn't be a problem.

That was last night.

Today, I woke up early, got her things ready to go, then my sister went to say goodbye to my father - who was standing at the time.

My father blankly stared for a few seconds, the let out a blood curling yell, clutched his chest and fell over.

My sister and I both yelled for Dad, but he didn't respond. Sis laid down next to him and told me to call 911. I did so. A paramedic arrived with an ambulance arriving shortly thereafter.

Pop was transferred to the hospital.

About a half-hour later he was awake in the hospital and alert, but had lost some memory. He couldn't remember the last two weeks. He also didn't remember the town he was in. After another hour passed by, he started to remember more, and hopefully will regain all his memory back.

What happened is that he had experienced a seizure.


Had my sister and I left one second earlier, or if Pop had his seizure after we left, we never would have known about it. It was only by sheer luck we were there when it happened.

But that blood curling scream will be marked in my memory for the rest of my life.

Pop is okay as far as we know. He will be staying in the hospital overnight for observation.

But today is not a good day.

-- update --

It's close to 8pm, and this is what's been going on.

Pop had another seizure, however since he was right there in the hospital, the staff was able to get control of it very quickly.

On 2nd visit back to the hospital, Pop was very tired but coherent and alert. Some further tests are being done to check for any blockages in the heart.

Although I got the daylights scared out of me by this whole thing, I'm faring out okay, all things considered. Pop may be released tomorrow or not. Not sure yet.

-- update 12/30/2006 --

It's 8:45pm. Here's the latest that's going on with Pop.

He's doing okay. However he may need bypass surgery on his heart. This will probably happen. My sister and I visited him today and he was chatty and seemed to be his normal self.

I don't know if or when the surgery will occur. There's not enough info to tell at this point. But things are stable for the time being.

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