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Michael McDonald @ Ruth Eckerd Hall (Florida)

I got to see Michael McDonald at Ruth Eckerd Hall last night with friends. This was my first time seeing McDonald.

I swear, there are some musicians who sound exactly like they do on a studio album, the McDonald is definitely one of them. The sonic prowess of McDonald himself and the band was incredible. And the music was good too. 🙂

Ruth Eckerd Hall is actually pretty nice. There really isn't a bad seat in the house. Good place to go, nice atmosphere, friendly staff.. it's all good.

I had fun. 😀

giving myspace another go

A while back I got ticked off with MySpace due to drama (who hasn't?) but decided to re-enable one of my accounts. The account currently has 0 "friends" on it because I had it set to private and never used it.

Currently it's set to public and I plan on keeping it that way. As far as whether anyone adds me as a "friend" or not, if people do, cool. If not, doesn't matter. My web site matters more to me.

In addition, being that this is the time of year where people are supposed to be nice to each other 😉 if I dropped communication with you, put you on my fecal roster or whatever, feel free to add me on there. I won't push you away. Promise. 🙂

ultimate bachelor food: soup

Since moving to FL my diet has changed quite a bit. I've been experimenting with this/that/the-other-thing in an attempt to find something that I like that doesn't break the bank.

And that something is soup. Soup comes in a ba-zillion different flavors and isn't super-expensive. And it's good for you.

I love soup. 😀

. . .

Here's some stuff I don't eat anymore:

Breakfast Cereal

All cereals are either made from oats or corn. That's it. Nothing else. And it requires copious amounts of milk.


Aside from milk I don't eat dairy. On rare occasion I will have an ice cream sundae, but that's it.


Other than toast there's really nothing good about bread.

Cold cuts

Growing up I basically lived off cold cuts. For a while I was doing the same thing here. Not anymore.

Canned pasta

Although I will eat canned soup (obviously) I won't eat canned pasta like Spaghetti-O's.

. . .

Now some stuff I don't drink anymore:

Dark cola

Be it Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper or any variant thereof, I don't drink it. Gives me instant heartburn and a dull headache later. This counts for the diet stuff too.

Snapple Iced Tea

I get instant heartburn from this stuff too. And its loaded with sugar. And there's nothing non-sugar from Snapple that tastes good at all.


Okay, I will admit I drink coffee - but rarely. These days I drink Mint Tea almost exclusively. That and water and Monster LO-CARB.

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