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a wish for more decent clockradios

418bxV0TDKLI remember a time when there used to be some really good clockradios out there, and I'm talking about clockradios that had great features.

These days, there are very few actually good clockradios left. The picture at right is one of them, that being the Sony ICF-C218, its bigger brother the Sony ICF-C318, and the biggest brother the Sony ICF-C414. Yes, Sony pretty much holds the market for The Last Truly Good Clockradios.

If you don't like Sony style, you're basically screwed if you want a decent clockradio, because almost everything else has a stupid-ass iPod dock on it, making the clockradio insanely bulky. And I don't even own an iPod besides which.

Fortunately, all three offerings from Sony are relatively cheap. The one pictured above is just 10 bucks, so.. at least it's not that expensive.

But I seriously wonder how long it's going to take before good clockradios vanish completely. There's really not many of them left. I'm thinking about buying an ICF-C218. Heck, I might buy two, because there many not be any left around once the first one wears out.

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