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Alesis Fusion book update, Casio CTK-7200 stuff


This is as niche as it gets (more or less), but there are still some out there who care about this synth.

Way back in 2007, I wrote a book called Alesis Fusion PowerStart Guide and published it to Lulu. Then in 2016 I started publishing books to Amazon. What I should have done in '16 is moved the Alesis book over to Amazon but didn't for basically one reason. Big pain in the back side to convert the book to a format Amazon "likes".

Since there is still a small (but dedicated) following of the Fusion synth still to this day, I manually went through the entire book once again, reformatted the whole thing, and now it's finally on Amazon. If you're a fan of the Fusion synth and want the book, here's the links:

The eBook is actually the big deal here. Yes, there was an "ePub" version on Lulu, but with the Amazon Kindle version is it now much easier for people to download it to their phones or tablets.

I did modify the book slightly.

The cover is new.

I made an introduction that said hey, this info is old but still historically valuable, so there will be some outdated-but-usable info in here. An example is any time I mention how to do things with Microsoft Windows XP, which was the most current Windows OS of the time. Windows 7 wasn't even released yet, never mind Windows 8, 8.1 or 10.

I also included a small chapter at the end with updated web links to get things like the Fusion Convertor software, Hollow Sun Sound packs and so on.

Without question, the Fusion book is the most advanced guide I've ever written. As I was going through that book, I was actually amazed at just how much stuff I gave instruction on how to do.

Fusion gone, replaced with Casio

I don't have the Fusion workstation anymore. These days I'm playing a Casio CTK-7200.

Will I be writing a book on that synth? Maybe.

The 7200 isn't a current model anymore. But technically, the CTK-7200 is functionally identical to the WK-7600 (they share the same manual). The only real difference is that the 7600 has more keys and more importantly still is a current model.

I definitely could write a book on it, to be sure. There's a lot to the 7200/7600 that isn't covered anywhere on the internet that would be genuinely useful in a guide.

If I have any updates on that, I'll be sure to post them here.

But for now, yes, the Fusion books have finally been republished in proper formats to Amazon.

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