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ART X-15 Ultrafoot


The ART X-15 Ultrafoot is one of the absolute ugliest electronic music items you will ever lay eyes on. It is, unfortunately, the world's most popular MIDI foot controller. Fortunately today it looks a whole lot better, but for years the above photo is what it looked like. It's also fortunate there are new MIDI foot controllers that are much, much better and cheaper than the X-15 ever was.

I have one of these fugly things in my possession right now on loan from the singer in the band I'm in. When he brought it into practice for me to take back and program for my DigiTech GSP 1101, I instantly recognized the X-15 because you can spot that awful fuchsia color a mile away.

True to form it is a workhorse controller and built like a tank. It's designed heavy on purpose so it doesn't move around while on the floor. It also works well but for some reason I can't get the GSP 1101 to recognize the expression pedals. No biggie.

Thank God this thing spends its life on the floor so nobody sees it when playing out.

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