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Casio AW80 and AW81 (with instructions on how to set)

"Home" screen a.k.a. main timekeeping screen:

Short single press of top left button switches between digital clock and day-month-date display. If your AW80 doesn't do this, you're on the H-S screen and not the home screen. Press the bottom left button and then you're back to the home screen, and your top left button will toggle between clock and day-month-date.

Short single press of bottom right button switches between 12-hour and 24-hour digital clock.

Single press of top right button is the night light, which illuminates for 1.5 seconds.

Creating, editing and deleting telememo records

This is a feature that lets you store up to 30 records and is notoriously difficult when you don't know how to manage records. It is easy once you actually know how to do it.

Each record can contain a name of letters and/or numbers, and a phone number of just numbers.

The first thing you usually see on this screen is TEL F:30. That means Telememo with 30 records available to be written to.

Each record can have a name of 8 letter/number/symbol characters, and a number of 16 number/symbol characters.

Entering a telememo record

The way this works is that you enter the name first, then the number - but you have to use all 8 spaces before getting to the number. This will make sense in a moment.

Press both right side buttons to start a new record so the top of the LCD displays three hyphens (---), then long press the top left button until you see a flashing line. Use the right side buttons to enter the first letter or number, then press the bottom left button to move the cursor right. Use the right side buttons to enter the next letter or number, then press the bottom left button to move the cursor right.

When finished with the name, press the bottom left button repeatedly until the cursor jumps from the right to the left. When this happens, you have reached the end of the name field and are now in the number field. The cursor will be slightly skinnier. Enter the number the same way you did the name.

When finished with the number, press the top left button to save the telememo record.

On the telememo screen, each record can be scrolled through using the bottom right button. You will only see the name of each record and its record index number below that. To view the number (as in the number you entered) for any record, view the record first, then press the top left button to view the number you entered for that record.

Editing a telememo record

View the record you want to edit. Long press the top left button. When the display starts flashing, you can start editing the same way you entered the record originally. When finished, press the top left to save/exit.

Deleting a telememo record

View the record you want to delete. Press the top left button until the digital display starts flashing. Press and hold both right side buttons. CLR will momentarily appear on the display. When the display is blank, release the buttons and the record is deleted. Press top left button to exit. Press bottom right button to examine if there are any other records you want to delete and repeat deletion process if desired.

Where can a telememo feature actually be useful?

This feature is most useful for real-world (meaning not online) things.

A few examples of memos you could use:

The combination to your padlock. If you name the memo PAD or just PL, you know what lock that number combination goes to.

A door with a keypad that requires a PIN for entry. You could name that one DR.

Using it for its intended purpose, storing phone numbers. If you use multiple phones and can't synchronize the contact list between phones for whatever reason, you can use the AW80 instead to retrieve phone numbers.

True, there isn't any way to protect the data in the AW80, however that's only a problem if a) somebody else has your watch, b) they actually know how to use the telememo feature (highly unlikely), and c) also know from your entries what they apply to (also highly unlikely).

In other words, safety of the data within the Casio AW80 is "security through obscurity".

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Published 2022 Dec 8

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