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Casio W93H and why I don't wear it

This is a good watch but has a few things about it that make it a no-go for me.

Above is a video I did on the Casio W93H. This is a watch I originally bought in August 2016, so I've had it a while. In a video I did on my Casio watch collection, I showed the W93H. From that, I received a few requests to do a video solely based on just that model, so I did. From what I understand, before my video there really was nothing on the internet showing what the W93H could actually do.

The W93H is a good model. It's small but has a display that's well thought out. But I don't wear it because it doesn't agree with me.

This is why I don't care for it:

The strap, while certainly better than the F-91W strap, has these little curves near the case where it connects that grip my wrist in a way I don't care for.

The menu system is "nonstandard Casio." I own a bunch of Casio watches, and the majority of them all operate similarly. The W93H sorta/kinda follows this but has enough changes to the point where it irks me whenever I use it.


Some people really like this watch because it's a good alternative for those that want function in a small size with an uncluttered interface. While certainly not a G-SHOCK, the main advantage of the W93H is that it's small enough to offer everything needed while staying out of the way.

Another thing that's true is that there's really nothing else Casio makes that packs so many features into such a small package for such a small price. There's nothing else I can recommend that compares to it, so I understand why owners of this watch value it so much.

The W93H isn't good for me, but that doesn't mean it's a bad timepiece. It is a good watch and totally works for what it is.

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