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Cheap guitar of the week #17 - Hofner CT Shorty Travel Guitar

Hofner CT Shorty Travel Guitar

Behold, the only travel guitar I've ever liked. Yes, really.

I make it no secret that I don't like travel guitars. But I dig this one, and only this one. The above is the Hofner CT Shorty Travel Guitar in limited edition Metallic Orange. The regular colors are blue and red. The other two limited edition colors are Rootbeer and Surf Green. The Rootbeer finish is my second favorite.

So why do I like this particular travel guitar and can't stand others? Four reasons.

First, I really, really like the fact you get so many color choices. On most travel guitars, you only get two to choose from. Hofner offers you five.

Second, the guitar is actually styled correctly. It actually looks like a proper guitar and not something just mashed together from a LEGO kit. True, it has a quirky look, but not in a tacky way. Hofner hits all the right marks with the Shorty.

There are nice little touches on this guitar. Even the rear plate has a logo on it:

rear bolt plate

Little things like that are nice. It's classy.

Third, it's a Hofner, which is a very storied brand. Guitar players who know their stuff know Hofner. You actually get bragging rights by owning one of these just because of the company it's made by.

Fourth, CHEAP! This travel guitar is priced below other travel guitars, and you get a better looking axe from a storied brand that you can actually brag about. It even comes with the gig bag included.

Even if you don't travel with your guitar, the Shorty is a truly a really nice alternative to a Strat or a Les Paul. Really simple, a truly nice looker, great brand, and barely costs anything.

From a historic point of view, the Shorty is not a new model but rather a reintroduced one. It first made its appearance in the 1980s. I'm glad Hofner decided to make it again. It's what a travel guitar should be.

Get one in your favorite color. Again, I like the orange finish because it has a cool retro vibe to it. And yes, Hofner does know how to do orange correct.

One final note: Did I mention the shipping on it is free? Yep.

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