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Cheap guitar of the week #23 - Peavey Predator Plus EXP

Peavey Predator Plus EXP

Cheap guitar with a Floyd-Rose tremolo? The Predator Plus EXP delivers.

As far as I can tell, the Peavey Predator Plus EXP is one of the cheapest guitars you can get that has a real-deal FR trem system on it. And yes, it is an actual Floyd-Rose Licensed double-locking tremolo system. "Licensed" means it's the cheaper version of it, of course, but that's to be expected given the guitar's price. If it were a Floyd-Rose Original system, the price of the guitar would be probably more than doubled.

From the link to the Predator guitar, you'll see several color choices are available, which includes Metallic Topaz and Transparent Purple. Plain black is also available.

A good introduction to the FR trem system without breaking the bank

At best, the Predator Plus EXP is a "fair" guitar. Not bad, but not great either. It's just your average solid-body electric - but with the FR trem on it. And that's the guitar's biggest selling point.

Remember, for a "true" FR trem, it has to be double-locking, meaning locked at the bridge and the nut. This Peavey has that.

While true there are other cheap guitars with the FR Licensed trem system, few (if any) can match the low price of the Peavey. The guitar is well south of $300, and as long as you know how to set up a guitar, know how to set up the FR system properly and understand that the FR is Licensed and not the more expensive Original model, the Predator Plus EXP is a good rocker.

Just don't expect it to be like a $1,500+ Ibanez, because it's not.

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