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This is the cheapest way to get guitar picks


I did the math, and now you'll know how cheap you can go.

Pictured above is a pick sampler from Amazon. It's 300 assorted picks and sells for $14.95 at the time of this writing.

The math says that 300 picks (with free shipping) at $14.95 means each pick is just under 5 cents per pick.

Is that the absolute cheapest? No, but darned close. It is possible to bulk order picks from China that go as low as 4 cents per pick (and you have to buy at least 600 to get a price that low,) and that is the absolute rock bottom price. I could not find anything lower than that.

Who needs 300 picks?

Music teachers do. If teaching a class of students to play guitar, having many picks is necessary because kids lose them all the time.

If you want picks just for yourself, you obviously don't need 300 of them...

...but you may like the idea of a pick punch kit. A kit like that allows you to create your own custom picks. You can even buy the celluloid strips directly for them, which is quite nice.

I might get a pick punch for myself at some point. What was holding me back was that the celluloid material wasn't generally available, but now it is, so I might pick one up.

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