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What would I do if my guitars are destroyed?

Irma The Terrible

I've mentioned this plenty of times before, but if you're not aware, I am a Tampa Bay Florida resident. And it just so happens there is a gigantic hurricane headed my way.

I made a mention on my Facebook page that I was preparing for Hurricane Irma, and at the time I write this I am prepared as I can be. I have water, food, a battery powered radio (not as nice as the one I want but it'll do,) and so on.

A comment came in on that post saying that I should protect my guitars.

My immediate reply to that was that protecting my guitars was very low on my priority list. As in so low it's not even a concern.

Let's say for the moment that the absolute worst happens. The home I live in is destroyed and with it all my possessions, including the guitars. They all get smashed and can never be played again.

My reaction? Better the guitars to get smashed than me.

A guitar is a few pieces of wood, plastic and steel. It is a thing. And things can be replaced.

The most protection I'll give a guitar is a gig bag or a hard case. If Mother Nature finds a way to destroy my guitars even with that protection in place, fine, let it happen. I would never risk life and limb to save a guitar. And neither should anyone else.

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