Dunlop DEN0838 guitar strings review

Dunlop DEN0838 guitar strings

It looks like that I'm a D'Addario convert.

For a good long while I played nothing but Dunlop DEN0942, which is a 9-42 sized set. Then I decided to try D'Addario EXL130+ which is an 8.5-39 set. I liked it, but I went one size smaller to the D'Addario EXL130 which is 8-38, and that agreed with me very well.

Since the EXL130 was so good, I figured the same sized set from Dunlop, the DEN0838, would be even better.

Unfortunately, it wasn't.

While the 9-42 from Dunlop was amazing, the 8-38 didn't really cut it.

In a very short period of time, the 8-38 set wore out. Brightness gone, tension stability gone... it just was not good. While I understand all guitar strings wear out, these wore out really fast.

Another thing that surprised me is the break-in time. The 9-42 set would always break in very quickly. The 8-38 set did not.

In the end, the 9-42 set from Dunlop was great, but for whatever reason the 8-38 set was just terrible.

I'll be trying other 8-38 sets later on, but for now, I'm sticking with D'Addario EXL130.

Published 2017 Mar 31