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Explorer is cool, but Firebird is cooler


I went to buy some strings recently, and the Epiphone Firebird was there hanging on the wall. Yeah, I had to try it out. I have a video of me noodling around with it below.

Even though I don't like tuners on the bottom of the headstock, I actually really liked how this thing played and sounded.

For the longest time I've thought about getting an Explorer style guitar (it would be the Schecter E-1 if I went for it), but there's just more cool factor to the Firebird.

I really, really like the way a Firebird takes to a sunburst finish because it brings out the center of the body in a real nice way. The gold-and-silver control knobs look great too. I also really like the trapezoid inlay markers on the fretboard.

Then there's the sound of the Firebird. You don't see too many guitars out there with mini humbuckers installed from the factory.

The best way I can describe the mini humbucker sound is that it's close to the sound of a humbucker in a semi-hollow body guitar (even though the Firebird is a solid-body) with "honk" to it. Yeah, I know, that sounds weird, but I can't describe it any other way.

On first listen, you'd think it sounds like an SG, but then you play it more and... no. Sounds different. Then you think it sounds Explorer-ish, but again, no. Firebird really does have its own tonal character.

This is not the first time I've played a Firebird, but when I do now, I think hm.. maybe I should get this instead of an Explorer type in the future.

The price of the Epiphone Firebird is certainly nice. Very affordable. Definitely worth checking out.

Published 2024 Apr 30

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