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ESP LTD H-200FM has a low price for high fret access


Fancy digs for cheap.

At the time I write this, the ESP LTD H-200FM is selling for under $400.

There are two things that make this guitar a steal.

First, it's a set-neck:

ESP LTD H-200FM rear

And second, it has a 3-piece maple neck. The body is mahogany, and while the neck looks like it's also mahogany, it isn't. It's maple. This is a good thing, as a multi-piece construction for maple usually works out quite well.

In addition to that, this is a good workhorse guitar. A nice, simple hardtail with string-thru-body design, recessed control knobs and recessed toggle switch that stays out of the way during play.

The overall look is clean, and the only problem I can spot is the shape of the headstock. The headstock ends with a sharp point, and while that looks cool, it's almost too easy to knock that and take a chip out of the wood. But being that's unlikely to happen, it shouldn't be an issue.

For you players out there who like high fret access, this guitar makes getting to those frets easy. The lower horn has an additional contour cut on the rear, and because of the set-neck construction, there's very little heel getting in the way.

This is decent for what it is. And given it's under-$400 price point, that's pretty cheap for what you get.

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