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Fender actually came correct with the Jag-Stang this time


This is not a guitar I'd ever buy, but at least this one was launched right.

Nostalgia sells, which is why Fender is having another go with this guitar (the first time was in the early 2000s.)

Will it sell? Yes, of course it will because of two very specific things Fender did this time around. First, launch with a lefty version, and second, have it in the same color Kurt Cobain had his Jag-Stang in, and that's exactly what happened.

Yes, there is a right handed version if you want a look at that. But the lefty in Sonic Blue is what counts.

If I recall correctly, when Fender had their first go with the Jag-Stang back in 2002-2003 (which was made in Japan,) the color was there but no lefty version - and that ticked off Nirvana fans a lot. They wanted the lefty and didn't get it. This time they do with the Mexico version.

Why I would I not buy this?

Before I list my reasons why, it doesn't matter what I say here because the fact the Sonic Blue lefty version exists means it's guaranteed to sell. That's the one fans have been wanting for years, so regardless of my opinions, Fender should easily sell all of the Sonic Blue lefties with no problem at all. I don't know how well the Fiesta Red lefty or the right-handed versions will do, but that blue lefty is a guaranteed seller.

With that said, this is why I'd never own one personally:

Butt-adjusted truss rod location. Neck has to come off for adjustment.

It has a leaned humbucker. The rear coil pole pieces absolutely don't line up with the G, B and high-E strings at all, and the front coil pole pieces absolutely don't line up with the low-E, A and D strings at all. What I'm hoping Fender did was use a humbucker with a strong ceramic bar magnet, which would at least somewhat mitigate the strings not lining up with the pole pieces.

7.25" radius fingerboard. This guitar will fret out easily for most notes bent beyond one semitone.

Jaguar control knobs. Never liked those things.

I won't own one, but again, the Sonic Blue lefty will sell. It's as sure of a thing as any.

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