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Guitar of the week #90 - Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Full-Scale Jaguar

Fender Custom Shop Full-Scale Jaguar Closet Classic Aged Lake Placid Blue w/Matching Headcap Masterbuilt by Dennis Galuszka

I ordinarily don't have the weekly feature guitar as something with a super-high price tag, but I make an exception with this one.

I'll say this first that unless you have really deep pockets, you can't afford this. But if you're one of the lucky few who can, you truly get something special.

What we have here is a Jag out of the Fender Custom Shop built by Dennis Galuszka with a pair of Johnny Marr "Bare Knuckle" signature pickups in it, bound neck, special compensated bridge and aged Lake Placid Blue body finish with matching headcap...

...but none of that really makes this special.

What's special about this Jag is that it has a 25.5" scale length. That is what makes this guitar a truly rare bird.

Now you might be thinking, "Doesn't that basically make the guitar a Jazzmaster?" No, because the Jazz has significantly different pickups, significantly different electronics and a single piece pick guard while the this Jag has its traditional 3-piece guard.

One of the big reasons I personally don't like Jags is because of the short scale 24.0" neck. Whenever I pick up a Jag and strum on one, even if it's a Squier Jag, that short scale just does not agree with me.

My standard recommendation is that if you really like the Fender offset body, try the Jazzmaster first. Some people get intimidated by it because yes, it is physically longer than the Jaguar, but I honestly believe the Jazz feels better to play than the Jag does because of its 25.5" scale length.

I am fairly certain that if I played a full-scale Jag like the one shown above, yes I would totally want it. To get Jazzmaster playing feel out of a Jaguar along with the Jag's distinctively different tone would truly be something cool.

Is this special Jag worth its price tag? I'll let you decide that. I'm just glad an actual Fender-made Jag with a full-scale neck actually exists. With any luck, I hope Fender will make a limited run of some affordable full-scale Jags, as I do believe players would really take to them well. I know I would.


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