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Cheap guitar of the week #35 - HardLuck Kings Chop Shop Spider

HardLuck Kings Chop Shop Spider

Possibly the cheapest way to get a Gibson Firebird shape guitar.

The HardLuck Kings Chop Shop Spider is one of the very few axes for cheap that has the Firebird shape to it.

For comparison, this is a Gibson Firebird:

Gibson Firebird

The Firebird has mini-humbuckers, bound neck, reverse headstock (the tuner gears are actually behind the headstock and not to the side,) and has block inlays on the fingerboard.

The HardLuck Kings guitar has full-size humbuckers, no neck binding, standard headstock with standard tuners and spider-shape inlays. The knobs are also placed slightly differently.

What makes the Spider the attractive guitar? It's at least $700 less than a Firebird is...

...and like I said above, it's one of the very few axes where you can actually get the Firebird shape for cheap.

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