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Guitar of the week #65 - Fender Offset Telecaster

Fender Offset Telecaster

This is a Telecaster and Jazzmaster hybrid. Is this a good idea?

Firstly, as far as cost is concerned, check out the price and decide for yourself whether you think it's priced fairly for what it is. At the time I write this, the Offset Telecaster is priced $100 higher than an American Standard Stratocaster. Worth it? Maybe.

An offset Telecaster, which is basically a Jazzmaster body with Telecaster electronics and neck, is not a new idea. Not at all. Other guitar builders have been crafting this for a long time. The only thing new about this is that Fender is actually building one.

I can totally see this guitar as being an instant collectible. Most limited run Fender guitars really don't capture that "I know this will be worth a bunch in 10 years" vibe, but this one totally does. For a Fender, this is very fresh, unique and cool. It's not just another Strat nor just another Tele. This thing has some real-deal personality to it.

Said another way, if you buy this guitar, stored it away and never played it, I'm fairly certain it would be worth double its price in 10 years if not more. Can I guarantee that? Of course not. But in 10 years, I'm pretty sure a mint condition never-played 2016 Fender Offset Telecaster will be worth some good coin.

I asked the question at the top of this article whether a hybrid Jazzmaster/Telecaster is a good idea.

Answer: Doesn't matter, because it's actually something fresh and different from Fender.

Without even having played this, I know it feels like a Jazzmaster, sounds like a Telecaster and plays like a Stratocaster with its 22-fret neck. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out.

As a player's guitar, yes, this is a good one because it has a nice simple design to it. No artsy-fartsy S1 switching or active electronics or special buttons or knobs or any of that nonsense is present on this guitar. It has Telecaster simplicity, just with a different body shape and a neck with an extra fret on it...

...meaning that even if you don't buy it for collector reasons and just play the hell out of it, it's a great guitar - if Telecaster tone is your thing. And if it is and you have the cash for it, buy the thing. From that link you'll see it comes in Olympic White, Sunburst (shown above) and Lake Placid Blue.

I personally like the Olympic White one best. Works well with the brass saddles on the bridge, although the other colors are great too. There are no stinkers here. Whatever color you go with will be a winner.

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