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***Secret FSR Fender guitars? Yes, they exist, and they're right here

Fender Player Telecaster Limited Edition - CHEAP


This is $100 less than the regular Player.

The first question you have is why this guitar is selling for $100 less than the regular Fender Player Telecaster.

Answer: Fender does this sometimes when they clear out their parts bin.

If you examine the headstock, it has the older Fender logo on it, yet this is a 2020 guitar. It's the older (and by that I mean previous generation) neck with simple Player series pickups and standard Telecaster electronics.

In other words, a nice basic Fender Telecaster. Absolutely nothing about it is substandard. And it's in a great color.

However, be aware of this: You may get the older "transition" Fender logo as seen above or the "spaghetti" Fender logo. As you'll see from the listing and examine the photos, both logos are shown in different photos. You take that gamble with this specific guitar. Maybe you'll get one logo, maybe the other.

Either way, it will come in Lake Placid Blue with the all-maple neck.

Worth the gamble? Yes. Either way you still get a great Tele for $100 off, and it's new, warranty and all.

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