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first photos with new phone

I'm not gonna lie here, the cam in my phone is crappy. It's only a 1.3MP with no focus control, no flash and all the photos were too dark. However, being I'm somewhat proficient with GIMP, I programmed in a Brightness/Contrast setting called "Phone", applied it, and now the photos look somewhat respectable.

Click any below to see full size.

The interesting thing about the way the cam takes the photos is that they have this odd style to them. There's digital grain (meaning artifacts) and the colors are somewhat washed out.

The photos are not an accurate representation to what the actual scenery is supposed to look like at all, but for some strange reason the digital grainy/washed look has a flavor to it that I really can't describe other than it's unique.

Some people use specific cameras that are notably bad, but the badness brings out a style that's nothing but goodness. The best example of this is Fisher-Price PXL-2000. It records video on compact cassette. Yes, really. Fans of the PXL-2000 call it recording in "PixelVision":

If people can make PXL-2000 video look good, believe me, I can work with a 1.3MP camera on a phone. 🙂

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