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***Secret FSR Fender guitars? Yes, they exist, and they're right here

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Two future collectible guitars, Squier and Fender


One for cheap, one mid-priced, both awesome.

There are two axes I believe will be future collectibles just based on their colors.

First up is the cheap guitar, the Squier Bullet Strat hardtail in Tropical Turquoise. This is the same Bullet HT guitar you already know, but in a color that will absolutely stand the test of time.

Squiers have hits and misses with colors. One of them that absolutely doesn't work is the Mustang HH in blue. It just doesn't work. All you need to do is look at the Classic Vibe '60s in Sonic Blue to understand why. The Mustang doesn't take very well to darker colors...

...hence the reason why Tropical Turquoise is such a good choice. It's basically a Daphne Blue with a little green in it. Just a little. Very easy on the eyes and works very nicely with the dark fretboard.

Next up is this Fender...


...the Player Stratocaster in Capri Orange. This is a guitar I'm 100% certain will appreciate in value once it goes out of production because you simply don't see orange Fender Strats with 1-piece maple necks that often.

Now to note, Capri Orange is absolutely not the same as Squier's Competition Orange. Squier's orange is loud. Fender's Capri Orange is lighter and more tangerine-like. "Softer", if you will.

Why am I 100% certain this Strat will appreciate in value? It's because I guarantee there are many, many guitar players out there too afraid to pull the trigger and get a Strat in this color. In just a year or two from now they'll all say the same thing. "I should have bought that guitar back when it was available new." You can say the same thing about the Squier. The turquoise color is good and suits the Strat very well.

And even if you're not the guitar collector type, both of these Strat just look cool. Why get a boring sunburst when you could get one of these?

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