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get into a car and drive to the other side

File this one under the "duh" dept.

Over the course of the weekend I bought some arch supports for my sneakers. Dr. Scholl's, of course. Price was a little over ten bucks. The last time I bought supports was about, oh, somewhere over ten years ago probably. I now have almost no pain in my feet after work.

I finally know who did that song

The video may be terrible (except for the NYC driving shots which are cool), but it's one of the catchiest songs ever written and one of my personal favorites, Steppin' Out by Joe Jackson. You probably have no idea what it is until you hear the first ten seconds, then say Oh YEAH, I know that song! The song completely kicks ass. If you don't think it does, you're wrong. (grin)

Inspection time

The joys of living in an apartment complex: I got a note on my door stating there will be an inspection of all apartments on June 1. Yes, this bugs me. It's not that I'm hiding anything (and I'm not), it's just I don't like the idea of an inspector going into my apt with me not being there. I'll be at work at the time he looks around.

The inspection is more or less to check for simple things, like making sure the walls are all right, do repairs if need be and so on. It's not like a military inspection. If my bed isn't made, it won't be an issue of grand importance. (grin)

But it still bugs me.

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