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***Secret FSR Fender guitars? Yes, they exist, and they're right here

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Graffiti Yellow Squier guitars make a wild appearance


Too bad these aren't worth buying.

A reader that saw my Graffiti Yellow Fender Stratocasters article I wrote a couple of years ago emailed and said that Squier has Strat, Tele and Jazz Bass FSR editions in this color right now.

I went to check this out, and yes, they exist. But as I just said, they're not worth buying.

As a base of comparison, see what a regular Squier Affinity Stratocaster costs before continuing.

There are two things about these guitars that are quite unfortunate. First, they're not being sold by any USA dealers at the moment (but they might be in the future?) Second, because of that, the prices for these guitars are sky high to the tune of $500 after shipping and tax.


This is the Telecaster version:


This is the Jazz Bass version:


I could see the Strat or the Tele selling for $300, but certainly not $500. No way are these guitars worth anywhere near that and never will be.

Yes, Graffiti Yellow is a very cool and rare Fender color. But there's no chance I would put down that kind of money for an Affinity model - especially since it appears they're all stock models, just in a special color.

When it comes to special colors, another one is Burgundy Mist. There are some readers of mine who really, really like that color.

Fender has this right now with the Mustang 90:


This particular Mustang is $600. It's just $100 more than the GY Squier, and it's a Fender in a color arguably just as cool as GY is.

If you're going to put down $500+ on a guitar just for a color, the Fender in this instance is the much better value.

In the end, Graffiti Yellow is a great color, but on a Squier it's not worth more than double the price of the same guitar in a regular production color.

You can find the GY Squiers by searching "squier graffiti yellow" on eBay.

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