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Great PRS bargain - SE ST22


Low resale value = you win.

For three years, that being 2015-2017, a 22-fret version of the SE Standard existed.

You will be amazed by how low the price is for one of these.

Why so low? Easy answer. Everybody wants the 24-fret version, which you can get brand new for a nice price.

Now I admit, the SE ST22 is a very barebones guitar. Two knobs, one pickup selector, fixed saddle positions with minimal intonation adjustment. But given the almost rock-bottom price for some of these, you can forgive the lack of features.

What's different with the 24-fret version, other than the fact it has 24 frets, is a Strat-style bridge with vibrato. Some PRS guys don't like that and prefer a top-loader, which you do get with the 22-fret version.

I'm not a PRS guy, but for me personally, I'd take the 22 over the 24 just for the top-loader reason alone.

Another really nice perk is that this guitar is not that old. At the time I write this, the oldest one you could possibly get is just 7 years old. In guitar years, that's barely a drop in the ocean where age is concerned. And what that means is you can find very pristine examples that basically aren't broken in at all and play like brand new guitars.

On a final note, does PRS still make a 22-fret SE new? Yes, but only in semi-hollow flavor, and with a Strat-style bridge.

If you want a top-loader solid body PRS SE in 22-fret flavor, the 2015-2017 SE ST22 is what to get.

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