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Guitar case options for the Jaguar and Jazzmaster

If you just bought a Jazzmaster or Jaguar or already own one, unless you have a case with some extra vertical length, you'll notice the one you have will fit a Strat or Tele, but not the offset body guitars.

The Jag/Jazz's extra length means you have to buy a longer bag or case. If you've shopped around, you've probably noticed some fairly high prices.

Fortunately, you have a few cheaper options.

Let's examine these from cheapest to most expensive.

Option 1: Short Scale Bass Gig Bag

Fender Urban Short Scale Bass Gig Bag

Fender Urban Short Scale Bass Gig Bag

Not the cheapest bag because it's Fender-branded, but this fits the Jazzmaster very well. If you put a short-scale bass and the Jazzmaster side by side, you'll notice the bass is barely longer than the Jazzmaster is. How do I know this? I own a short scale Jag bass and a Jazzmaster.

This bag will absolutely fit the Jazz while at the same time won't flop around in the case since the length of a Jazz is so close to a short scale electric bass guitar.

If you put a Jaguar guitar in this case, yeah it might move around a bit, because that guitar is shorter. However, the point is that the guitar will fit in it.

Option 2: Hardshell

SKB Jaguar/Jazzmaster Type Shaped Hardshell Case TSA Latch, Over-Molded Handle

SKB Jaguar/Jazzmaster Type Shaped Hardshell Case TSA Latch, Over-Molded Handle

The first thing you're probably wondering is, "What's a TSA latch?" There are certain locking mechanisms the TSA at the airport will and won't accept. This SKB case has the latch type that is TSA approved, so if you plan on flying and taking your guitar with you, this is the case you want.

But even if you don't plan on flying, it's still one of the best Jag/Jazz guitar cases money can buy.

No, it is not a pretty case. Not at all. But it's rugged and about $40 less than a Fender-branded case.

If you absolutely must have the true Fender look, sure, get the Fender case. But if you want something that can truly take a beating, the SKB case, while uglier, is far superior.

That's it?

For ones worth buying online, yes.

If you want something real cheap, the best thing to do is to call up your local guitar store and ask if they have a Jaguar or Jazzmaster in stock. If yes, go to the store and try the guitar in whatever gig bags they have in stock to see which fits right. When you find one that fits, buy it...

...but don't be surprised if it's not the cheapest bag in the shop, because those usually never fit the Jazz/Jag guitars. You will have to spend a little extra to get a proper-fitting bag.

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