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Sometimes guitar string brand does not matter

Yes, all American brands

Since the strings are made in America and I live in the USA, they're cheaper to buy here.

For example, I would buy Rotosound strings if they sold for cheap here, but they don't. And I'm 100% certain the reason for that is because they're not made in the USA. All Rotos are manufactured in England. If I lived there, then it's probably true that brand would have the best price.

Where you are in the world does dictate how much you pay for guitar strings, and there is no denying that.

Some truths when it comes to electric guitar strings

Bad string sets sometimes happen. But if the string was cheap to buy to begin with, I don't get as angry as I would if I had paid more for an expensive set.

I buy strings 3 sets at a time, but bounce back and forth whether I buy 3 sets individually or as a bundle. Sometimes the bundle is cheaper while other times buying sets individually is cheaper. It's still the same string in the end so it's best to just get them as cheap as possible.

In my experience, a new set of guitar strings never feels nor sounds correct after just being installed and stretched. It takes about a day for the steel to settle.

Also in my experience, I've found any string labeled as being cryogenic or reinforced or whatever just breaks quicker. The standard nickel-plated steel sets always work best.

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