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Half a terabyte of tiny storage is cheap now


If you haven't bumped up to 512GB microSD yet, you can now.

Getting a 512GB microSD card is now under 100 bucks. Well under that, actually.

Why? Because 1TB microSD cards are widely available. One made by a reputable manufacturer punches above $150 currently, but the point is that you can get one right now.

512GB however is still quite a bit of storage. At the time I write this in June 2021, most people don't even have phones that can support storage that large and only have a maximum limit of 256GB (which by the way is super cheap now, as in under 40 bucks.)

My phone can't support 512GB, but for laptop backup storage, it's certainly smaller and more convenient than using an SSD or even a USB stick. Small and tidy. Very nice.

How long before 512GB microSD becomes the price of a sandwich?

It's going to be a little while yet before that happens because 256GB still hasn't quite reached that price yet. I'd estimate it will take a year before that happens...

...which means 512GB will be the price of a sandwich in probably about 2 years.

If you need 512GB, just get it now. While not selling at a rock-bottom price, it has busted well under the 3-figure mark.

The only thing I would check is that if you're buying one of these for a phone or tablet, make sure your device supports it. My phone, like I said above, doesn't support 512 and at most will support 256. But my laptop reads the card fine so that's where I use it.

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