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here come the elevens

I've never considered zero-years, as in years ending with zeroes, to be the beginning of a decade but the end of one. If you think about it, styles, attitudes and so on don't change until the one-year starts which is the true indicator that a new decade has started. Yes, this means I believe 2010 is the end of the 2000s and 2011 is the beginning of the 2010s.

The first thing you're going to see in 2011 is a lot more people abbreviating it on checks and other places where the date is written down. Speaking of which, here are all of 2011's dopey dates which are dopey because of same-number stuff:

You may also see importance placed on 11/12/11, 11/22/11 and maybe 11/10/11.

Plan on seeing everything from movie launches to car dealer sales to whatever-the-frig because it's gonna happen wherever you see 11's in dates in 2011.

For every other month you're going to see something on the 11th. If it's a movie premiere date for example, it will be written as:

I N S E R T   M O V I E   T I T L E   H E R E
M A Y   1 1   -   1 1

I don't know how 2011 is going to pan out and I have no predictions, but November is gonna suck with all the kitschy 11's everywhere. 🙂

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