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Guitar of the week #53 - Hofner Ignition 6-string guitar version

Hofner Ignition 6-string guitar

Hofner might have committed heresy with this release, but it could be good news for guitar players.

The guitar seen above from Hofner is a shape ordinarily associated with the Beatle Bass, as in the bass guitar Paul McCartney of The Beatles played. Where the heresy comes in is from the fact the Hofner Ignition model above is not a bass. It's a regular 6-string guitar.

This guitar is good news for basically one reason. It's an ultra-lightweight as it is a semi-hollow body instrument. I don't know exactly how light it is, but I'm fairly certain it will be the lightest electric you ever pick up. I'd say probably as light as a classical acoustic.

I've no idea how the mini-humbuckers sound and no idea how it plays, but the big sell here is the super-lightweight body. If you have back problems or you just like a guitar that has the strap barely pulling on your shoulder when standing, well, this Hofner is what you want.

If any of my readers out there buy one of these (here's a direct link to it,) please let me know by emailing me. I'd love to get more information on this instrument from someone who has played one since I've no experience with it. Heck, I'll even interview you personally and feature you here in a full article. Yes, really.

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