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How to avoid Stratocaster-Les-Paul syndrome

Peavey Tomb

I don't have a problem with people who play Stratocaster or Les Paul guitars. If that's what you like, that's fine. What I do have a problem with however are guitar players who are absolutely unwilling to try something different every once in a while.

I own Strats (both by Fender and Squier), and I've played Les Paul guitars (both by Epiphone and the real-deal Gibsons). However I've also tried other electric guitars that break out of that Stratocaster-Les-Paul thing, and some of them are pretty cool.

Before I list off the guitars you should consider trying out, the key to avoiding Stratocaster-Les-Paul syndrome is just a willingness to try different guitars that AREN'T Strats or Les Pauls. I'm not saying you shouldn't buy a Strat or a Les Paul. What I am saying is don't limit your options to just those two guitars.

Here's a few you may really like (and most of them are very affordable):

  1. ESP LTD M-53 - This is primarily a rock/metal guitar. Has the reverse headstock, looks good, has the HSS pickup configuration and easy controls.
  2. Squier Cyclone - Definitely different. Somewhat similar to a Fender Mustang, but without the complicated electronics and a really good looker to boot.
  3. Dean Z-X - It blows my mind how Dean can sell a guitar this good that looks awesome for as cheap as they do. Fantastic looking burst, and fits just about any style of music you'd want to play.
  4. Dean VX - Like the Z-X, except in a V-shape. Very cool.
  5. ESP LTD V-50 - Another V guitar, but with sharper body edges. Probably the "most metal looking" guitar you can buy for the lowest possible price. I remember when buying a guitar in this shape used to cost $500+, but now it's half that price.
  6. Squier Jagmaster - Very cool guitar to have for that awesome retro look, and probably one of the most comfortable body shapes Fender has ever put out. You wouldn't think so to look at it, but it's very comfy when playing sitting or standing.
  7. Peavey PXD Tomb - If you want something that will get you noticed on stage (or even with just with your friends), you should get this. The body has a wild-but-nice shape and the headstock looks like bat wings (seriously!) Very cool. Stupidly simple operation. One pickup, one volume knob and that's it. Gorgeous all around.

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