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How to get a safety razor blade out of a plastic case


This is stupidly easy but also stupidly difficult when faced with this for the first time.

A small video tutorial is below, but before you watch that, you might be wondering how something so small could be so difficult to deal with.

When you get a small pack of safety razor blades that uses this style of plastic case, there will either be 5 or 10 blades in there. The main advantage of this case style is that it protects the blades and prevents them from damaging anything else.

Derby blades as far as I'm aware all come packaged like this. If, for example, you order 100 blades, you get a box with 10 little plastic cases containing 10 blades each. And if you look at safety razor blade sampler packs, you'll see this style of case used on other blade brands also.

The problem... that there are no instructions on how to get the blade out of the case.

This is how it's done:

The little case will have a plastic wrapper on it. Remove that.

On one side of the case will be two slots. Use your thumb to press down on the side away from the slot. Push and slide out the small card with the blade logo brand on it. Push and slide out a wrapped blade after that. Put the small card back in the case afterward.

There is also a second slot on the same side at bottom. This is where you put your used blade once you're done using it.

This sounds complicated, but it's not. Watch my video tutorial here (don't worry, it's short). In the video I also explain how to force open the case if you can't get a blade out with your thumb.

Published 2024 Feb 29

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