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How to stop a Stratocaster from making spring noises

How to get rid of Stratocaster pickup spring noise

You have two options for this one.

Option 1: Teflon tape

The very cheap and easy solution is to use Teflon tape. Yes, the same tape you use for shower heads, sink filters and so on.

Here is a video I made showing how it's done:

Option 2: Picking mounting tubing

Fender pickup mounting tubing

If you ever wanted to know why upscale Fender Stratocaster guitars don't have annoying pickup spring ringing noises, it's because many don't use pickup mounting springs at all. Instead, they use picking mounting tubing.

Are the tube pieces expensive? No. It will probably be the lowest priced official Fender part you ever buy. As inexpensive as they are, they do absolutely work. These tubes stop pickup spring noise 100% since they're not springs.

Does this work on Telecaster guitars too?

Indeed it does, specifically on the bridge-side pickup. If you've got annoying ringing coming from that rear Telecaster plate, chances are it's pickup springs making the noise. Tape the springs up with Teflon tape or use the tubes, your choice.

On an end note, DO NOT use masking tape or any type of tape with adhesive on it on the pickup mounting springs. Not only will it not stick, but also won't stop ringing noise and fall right off. Use Teflon tape or the tube pieces, as those are the two that absolutely will work to stop pickup spring noise.


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