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Guitar of the week #72 - Ibanez Artstar Series AM153

Ibanez Artstar Series AM153

This guitar shows how gorgeous bubinga wood can be.

First of all, this guitar is not cheap and you can see the price right here - but it is cheaper than a Fender American Standard Stratocaster. Bear that in mind as you read through this.

The main selling point of the guitar is that it has bubinga top, back and sides.

Am I saying this enhances the guitar's tone? Not at all. It just looks frickin' gorgeous.

This Ibanez is a guaranteed head-turner and one you would be very proud to have sitting on your guitar stand. And fortunately, this guitar is not all looks as it does have premium hardware to back up its appearance.

The knobs are all Sure Grip III style, extra attention has been given to the fret ends for smoothness, all the metal hardware is top drawer stuff, the tuners are super-smooth and the pickups are the "Super 58" model, which you can find in several other semi-hollow body Ibanez model guitars. It's a particular pickup set Ibanez uses that works well in several of their semi-hollow series guitars.

If you've been wanting something in bubinga that is not a super-exotic custom order, this guitar is pretty much the only game in town. Again, remember, the cost of this is less than an American Strat. For a guitar with as much exotic treatment in it, it's a steal for what it's selling for.

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