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Guitar of the week #73 - Ibanez DT420 Destroyer

Ibanez DT420 Destroyer

This is a cool Explorer-style guitar you can actually afford.

A little while back I talked about the Schecter E-1 Custom Special Edition, which is an Explorer-style guitar. Very cool axe, but for some a bit too much to spend.

The Ibanez DT420 Destroyer however is lower in price by several hundred dollars, and I strongly suggest that if you want one of these and one is available (see link for details), buy it now because Ibanez usually keeps this guitar in short supply.

The DT420 features both a bound body and bound neck. Pickups are listed as "Classic Elite Humbuckers". The chrome hardware included is all good stuff from the bridge to the tailpiece to the tuners. There's no cheap crap on this guitar. I'm not saying everything on the Destroyer is top-drawer stuff, but I am saying it's not bargain-bin stuff either.

The best compliment I can give the Destroyer is that it needs no upgrades and is totally a plug-in-and-go type of axe.

Where price point is concerned, it's actually $100 cheaper than a Mexico-made Fender Standard Stratocaster, so it's like I said, if there's one available on the link above, grab it. You won't be disappointed.

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