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Lekato Looper Pedal Review (and how-to)


Lekato was nice enough to send me this guitar looper pedal for review!

Transparency notice: This is a sponsored article because Lekato did send me the pedal for free and I do not have to return it...

...but in all honesty, this is in fact the looper pedal I would buy personally were I shopping for one because it has all the features I like.

The pedal sent to me is simply known as the Lekato Looper Guitar Pedal.

Get this pedal on Amazon here.

The box states this is a "Looper Pro", the pedal itself has "Loop Stage" printed on it. The manual states it is the Lekato Loop Stage, which is the name I like best because it matches what is printed on the pedal.

This is actually the second Lekato looper I've owned. I still have my first one:


The first pedal still works great. It's the more basic model with just 3-loop capability and has been very reliable.

However, the one I just received is a 9-loop version. I did not realize how handy that would be until I started using it. It is the just-right amount of loop slots available to craft together a complex song. A basic song would be verse/chorus/bridge because that's all that 3 loops will allow. With 9, you're opened up to recording more verses, a pre-chorus and so on.

I do very much appreciate that the pedal is of steel construction. I also appreciate that the footswitch has a sturdy nylon washer beneath the nut. In my experience this does hold the switch together better. Steel washers over time have a tendency to make the nut loosen itself from repeated switch use, but nylon doesn't do that.

I also very much appreciate the ease-of-use and easy readability from a distance. This pedal can be read from standing position very easily, and the "race track" like LEDs give you a very clear idea of where you are for any loop.

The total recording time for this pedal is a maximum 10 minutes per loop, maximum 40 minutes recording time. Believe me, that is more than enough time to record all the loops you need to.

Because the pedal saves loops as lossless WAV audio files, you can plug the pedal via USB into your computer to copy them. On Windows PCs there are no drivers necessary for the pedal to be seen in Windows.

I have used other looper pedals before that require complicated software just to get the loop audio files copied from the pedal - and that software always goes obsolete and won't run in future versions of Windows later. The Lekato pedal does not have that problem. Just plug in the pedal, copy your WAV audio files, done.

I also very much appreciate the fact the pedal can be powered by 9-volt adapter or USB from the supplied cable it comes with.

It's easy

This is the best compliment I can give the pedal. You do not need to sit down and take days to learn how the pedal works. All it takes is just a few minutes.

Not only is it easy, but has just enough advanced features that make it far and above better than the super-basic loopers. You get the 9 loop slots, a guitar tuner, undo/redo capability, running loops in the order you want, volume control, optional auto-record (which the manual refers to as sync), it's all there.

Here's a video I made showing the functions of the pedal. It's good stuff.

Published 2023 Jun 29

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