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Guitar of the week #60 - Schecter E-1 Custom Special Edition

Schecter E-1 Custom Special Edition

Just as cool as an Explorer, more affordable, and more available.

The Schecter E-1 Custom Special Edition is obviously, "heavily inspired" by the Gibson Explorer. If you like Explorers, you'll like the E-1.

Is the E-1 better than the Explorer? Yes, no question about that. The strings are straight after the nut (better tuning stability,) the nut itself is a Graph Tech TUSQ XL, the inlays are real-deal mother of pearl blocks, the tuners are the locking type, the neck scale is 24.75-inch with 12-to-16-inch compound radius fingerboard, both pickups are Schecter USA made, with push/pull control on the knobs...

...and the guitar is basically awesome. Again, it is better than the Explorer in basically every way unless you're the type of person that's just "gotta have that Explorer."

Aside from the E-1 being a true player's guitar, I'm predicting this one is going to have some high resale value in the future, should you care about that sort of thing (and some do.)

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