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Affordable fanned fret - Ibanez RG Iron Label RGIM7MH Multi Scale

Ibanez RG Iron Label RGIM7MH Multi Scale

If you've been thinking about getting into the world of multi-scale guitars, this is actually a really good place to start.

Above is the Ibanez RGIM7MH multi-scale guitar. The fact that it's multi-scale isn't the selling point here, but rather that the guitar has fanned frets (note the "lean" in the frets across the fretboard.) Another selling point is that it has individual bridges for each string saddle as well.

Now granted, this beast is a 27 inch scale, but that's why it's a multi-scale. And while this is personally not my style of guitar, something like this at the price it sells for was simply unheard of before. A guitar built like this was previously custom-shop-order only and would have easily run you $2,500 to start. This guitar is way below that because it's a production instrument.

Do I have complaints about this guitar? Yes, but just two. First, I don't like pickups that are angled for no good reason. Both the pickups - while they are better-than-normal EMGs - are angled and I don't like the style of that. Second, there are no fret markers. True, you can easily go by the dot markers on top of the neck (I did so myself back when I owned a Schecter C-1 Classic with "vine of life" inlay treatment,) but I prefer having markers on the fingerboard itself.

Aside from those two minor complaints, if I were to get a multi-scale, this Ibanez would be it because its positives outweigh the negatives, such as all strings being straight after the nut, an easily accessible truss rod adjustment at the heel (note the exposed "wheel" in front of the neck pickup,) and no vibrato system meaning this thing will hold its tune well.

Is a fanned fret guitar hard to play? No. It looks intimidating but it's actually easy to get along with. You won't have to learn the guitar all over again.

Good to see Ibanez offering an affordable fanned fret model. Now you can get one easily without the high price tag.


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