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it's okay to be a bedroom guitarist

There are a lot of kids across the world who got a guitar as a present for Christmas, many with the dreams of being the next big rock star.

A lot of these kids will eventually realize that trying to become a rock star is too much work, and that's it is better just to be a "bedroom guitarist" instead...

...and that is 100% okay.

It is way easier to be a bedroom guitarist compared to being in a band

Being in a band is cool because of the whole band vibe thing and being able to play in a group and all that. But being a bedroom guitar player is way easier.

When doing the bedroom guitar thing, you can record whatever you want, whenever you want, in any style you want and then post over to, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or all of those all at once. And you don't need anyone's permission to do it. You don't need approval of your other band members or any of that nonsense because it's just you doing your thing.

As far as how easy it can be, all you need is one guitar and an R8. The R8 has every single possible guitar effect you could think of, and built-in microphones that you can sing or yell into for vocal stuff. The R8 also has a basic drum machine in it too. When I say that all you need is one guitar and an R8, I mean that literally. Absolutely nothing else is required to record with. When finished with a recording session, just pop out the SD card or connect a USB cable, copy over the master WAV and upload wherever you want or place in a video.

Not in a band? That's okay

Funny but true: You will probably be much more of a success as a bedroom guitar player than you ever would be in a band.

It is totally possible to become internationally known just by posting one song to YouTube. All it takes is just getting the song done, putting it out there and see what happens. Maybe nothing will happen. Or maybe everything will happen. You won't know unless you try.

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